Our Solution

DeviProp™ is a powerful software package for the preparation of cost estimates and commercial offers

Integrated tool for estimate and bid

A comprehensive ERP co-ordinating the effort in responding to an invitation to tender, providing robust and reliable data and calculations

Bid Management Support

Key points

  • A solution to co-ordinate the efforts of the various contributors to a response to an invitation to tender
  • A common tool for a consistent and coherent approach
  • A collaborative approach to building and refining a winning and profitable offer

Run in standalone mode on a PC or connect to a site installation and/or database server to access DeviProp

Key points

  • Includes local installation on your PC for offline use anywhere in the world
  • Connect via the Internet to a database server providing
    • A centralised database repository
    • User Administration (Individual profiles, Access Rights, ...)
    • File server for bid documents