Our Services

In our capacity as authors of the DeviProp software solution we are able to advise our prospective clients in evaluating the software and the options for customising the solution to precisely align with the organisation’s way of working.

In addition, we are able to offer a range of services to support and complement the skills and knowledge of our clients’ personnel involved in costing and pricing and the preparation of bids:

For details of the services we offer, and associated fees, please contact us (link to contact page)

Custom Features Development and Configuration Support

Development of new DeviProp features

Our on-going consultation with Client User groups enables us to identify candidates for new DeviProp features and functionality. The Client’s participation in the specification of the new functionality enables us to speed up the development and ensure that the DeviProp solution constantly evolves to closely meet client requirements.

Customer specific enhancements

We help our clients to customise and configure the tool to meet the specific needs of their organisation.
Initially this involves the provision of assistance in setting up the various financial parameters used in costing and pricing.
This is followed by the specification of a personalised reporting portfolio based on the existing report templates and layouts used by the client.
We also develop client-specific functions in an appropriate format to meet the needs of their costing and pricing process.

Maintenance and support of the DeviProp solution

Software Maintenance and Support services

Maintenance and Support of Client-specific functionality

Training, User Documentation & Project Support

Operational support to Bid teams

In the event that you need experienced and knowledgeable staff resources for your Bid Team to deliver an important response to tender, then look no further, call DeviProp SAS!

Our staff have extensive operational experience and can provide "best practice" advice in the use of DeviProp and the preparation and submission of bids. We are happy to provide a proposal to meet any aspect of your needs for operational business support.