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Use the WBS Wizard to create the Estimate

Use the WBS Wizard to create the Estimate

Build and easily maintain the Costs Work Breakdown Structure

The WBS Wizard enables the selection of the required WBS level for an item to be entered, automatically preserving the integrity of the entire Bid Work Breakdown structure.

Import Cost items from multiple sources

Use the WBS wizard to maximise the re-use of corporate data assets by importing from existing data sources such as an Item Database, Standard Costs, Reference bids or other DeviProp projects.

Collaborative Working Mode

Collaborative Working Mode

Detailed Estimating delegated to Work Package Managers

A collaborative approach is used for project costing. DeviProp enables project managers to distribute cost work packages to WP managers.
Work Package files include both the relevant subset of the project for the WP Manager and the associated attributes and financial parameters.
WP Managers can in turn delegate subsets of the work package to the appropriate associate or supplier for completion at the relevant detailed level (e.g. System -> Subsystem -> Work Package).

Automatic Consolidation to produce Cost Estimates

On receipt of the completed work packages, DeviProp enables the WP manager to select the relevant files for automatic consolidation into the detailed costings. A wizard guides the user through the process, highlighting differences in validation of the data being consolidated.
The consolidation of the Cost Estimate can be optimised by an iterative approach, repeating all or part of the delegation/consolidation as necessary.

Sophisticated spreadsheet

Spreadsheet view of the Costs WBS

The ability to collapse and expand lines and items in the WBS and display calculation results at aggregated levels enables the user to focus at all times on the relevant information.

The layout, formatting and display of columns in DeviProp can all be easily configured to align with the standard methods and terminology used by the organisation.

Simplified and speedy data entry using top-down inheritance of attributes

Data entry at more detailed levels is facilitated by the automatic inheritance of attributes (such as the applicable currency or cost centre) from the higher level.

Fully integrated planning schedule

Validated estimate with associated schedule

DeviProp enables and simplifies the creation of project schedules using a Gantt chart layout. Using this approach, the impact of inflation on costs and prices and cash flow can be evaluated enabling the derivation of required payment schedules.

Top-down scheduling approach

Creating a project schedule does not require data to be entered at all the detailed levels; rather, this is done by data entry at appropriate aggregate levels of the work breakdown structure

Comprehensive Methods, Techniques and Concepts to support Planning & Scheduling

Develop planning schedules in Deviprop using: