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Build Offer Wizard

Build Offer Wizard

Easily build the offer

In DeviProp, the Cost Estimate and the Offer are fully integrated. Using the Build Offer Wizard, the Offer can be quickly and automatically generated from the Cost Estimate.

Align the Offer with the Tender WBS

Building an offer structured to conform to the client’s tender requirements whilst maintaining 100% consistency with the detailed Cost Estimate is easy to achieve with DeviProp. A fully integrated environment enables the linkage of all items in the Cost Estimate to those in the Offer. Individual Cost item estimates can be contained in a single item of supply or apportioned across several items.

Pricing Strategy Options

Set the sales price strategy

DeviProp provides 3 alternative methods of calculating selling prices to align with the requirements of the Tender, the choice of which can be changed at any time during the construction of the offer:

In addition, an imposed margin or fixed selling price can be set for any specific individual item.

Customisable Commercial Parameters

Defining Commercial Parameters

The standard commercial rates set by the organisation can be set by entering a percentage factor and/or absolute value covering various expense categories and provisions on aggregate supply:

Specific commercial parameters can also be imposed on an item by item basis.

Scheduling Commercial Parameters

DeviProp enables the user to schedule the timing of Commercial Parameters to ensure that resultant variations in expenditure are represented in the Cash curve.

Tools to optimise the Offer

Features to elaborate and refine the Selling Price

Over and above the minimum margin target set by the organisation, DeviProp enables the inclusion of a negotiation margin to evaluate the impact of a more favourable selling price.

Moreover, during negotiation, the client may request a change to the Tender requirements. As Prices are built from the costs through the links, an updated estimate can be automatically generated for the offer.

Generating the Costs to Prices Links report provides the detail of how the Cost Items are mapped to the Price items and vice versa.

Fine tuning the Customer Payment Schedule

The Offer payment schedule is defined for each item in the price list. The timing of these payments can be adjusted to manage the gap between disbursements (cash out) and receipts (cash in).

Analysis of the gaps in the financing diagram curve and the results of the selling price calculation helps the successful negotiation of the best selling price.

An understanding of the potential financial costs impacting the cash flow enables the negotiation of advantageous shifts in payment milestones.

“Just in Time” optimisation

With complete control over margins and financial parameters, trade provisions and cashflow, DeviProp makes it easy to respond to any last minute changes in customer requirements.

Via DeviProp’s Links view, the close linking of the cost estimate to the offer enables the organisation to exercise complete control over the scope of the tender and take account of any change requests even at the 11th hour in negotiation, adapting the offer in real time and re-calculating costs and prices, verifying that agreed profit margins will still be delivered.

Cost Plus offers

Build and justify an offer with margins fixed by the Client

DeviProp enables the organisation to build and justify a “Cost Plus” or “Auditable” offer, commonly used in Public Sector bids. Detail of the Cost Estimate is provided to the Client and agreed margins are applied to derive the Offer Price. DeviProp is used to manage the contract at the detailed level and take account of agreed changes in scope and cost assumptions.